Same Day Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a general dental treatment and the best way to protect and save a severely damaged tooth. Trauma, multiple fillings, root canal therapy or large area of decay can make the tooth structure weak. Dental crowns create a new exterior while saving the tooth underneath. At Smile Team Dental, we have invested in CEREC 3D technology to allow us to create beautiful, durable dental crowns the same day in our office in Belleville.

In the past, most dental crowns were created in a laboratory. This meant patients needed to have an impression made of their tooth, receive a temporary crown, then wait for their new permanent dental crown to be completed. Two or three dental visits were required to complete this one procedure. Now with CEREC technology, Dr. Quigless and our dental team can design, fabricate and place a new dental crown in one visit. This saves time and also has other benefits for our patients.

Why Choose CEREC 3D Technology?

It is not just convenience and time that make the use of CEREC 3D technology so valuable. While most people would prefer not to make multiple trips to our office just for one dental crown, there are other advantages to choosing a CEREC dental crown procedure. The technology used in this system allows us to save more of your tooth structure. The crowns are made from stain-resistant porcelain that is metal-free and durable. There is none of the discomfort of creating an impression or having a temporary crown placed. CEREC dental crowns fit comfortably and look fantastic, making them a better option all the way around.

If you need a dental crown for a damaged tooth, come see us at Smile Team Dental. We offer the CEREC same day crowns to save you time while creating an excellent new surface for your tooth. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.