Cracked Tooth Repair

Your teeth can put up with quite a bit without cracking or breaking. Hundreds of pounds of pressure are exerted on your teeth when you chew or clench your jaw, yet your teeth stay intact. However, even with their incredible durability, your teeth can crack and break under the right circumstances. Wear and tear or trauma can crack the outer portion of the tooth, putting it in jeopardy. When you have a cracked or damaged tooth, call our experts at Smile Team Dental for cosmetic dentistry.

Once the exterior of a tooth is cracked, it is in danger of decay and infection. The enamel on the outside of your teeth is the strongest element in your body that protects the softer, more vulnerable pulp inside. Once compromised, bacteria and decay can enter the tooth through even a tiny crack, quickly causing extensive damage in the softer tissue inside. This can lead to pain, temperature sensitivity and if left unchecked, could destroy the health of the tooth.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

At the first signs of a cracked or damaged tooth, call our office immediately. Even if there is no pain, you should not delay in getting your tooth repaired. The sooner we see you, the better chance we have of repairing the tooth. Small cracks can often only require a filling or bonding. More extensive damage may need larger repairs such as root canal therapy or dental crowns. The extent of the damage will determine which option is best to protect and repair your tooth.

Many small cracks can be hidden and not have any symptoms right away. This is another good reason to keep up with your regular checkups at our office. Dr. Quigless can spot these small cracks and get them repaired before they become painful and more expensive problems. Contact us today to schedule an exam today if you are past due for your annual checkup.