Cleanings & Checkups

Maintaining your oral health through routine dental visits is one of the best ways to reduce your dental costs and protect your smile. Cleanings and checkups in regular intervals can promote excellent gum health, reduce decay and catch small issues before they become larger dental problems. At Smile Team Dental, we want all our patients to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile with general dentistry; we provide comprehensive dental and cleanings in a comfortable atmosphere.

Your home oral care is an important part of the preventive oral health plan. However, routine professional cleanings are also vital. There are some areas of your teeth that can be difficult to keep free from plaque and tartar. Cleanings performed by one of our experienced hygienists removes any plaque or tartar buildup to promote excellent gum health. If there are any signs of the beginnings of gum disease or gingivitis, we can begin treatment before it begins affecting your oral health.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

The other aspect of preventive care is routine comprehensive dental exams. Dr. Quigless can inspect your teeth for any signs of decay, damage or other issues. It is much easier and less expensive to repair a small cavity or hairline crack if it is caught right away. If left untreated, damaged or decayed teeth can become painful, even infected, requiring root canal therapy or extraction. Routine exams can almost always prevent major dental issues if repairs are made when they are identified.

Our goal at Smile Team Dental is to help all our patients maintain their beautiful smiles and overall health. We use the latest methods and dental technology to make the most out of your checkups. Routine exams and cleanings are generally covered under most insurance plans, making them an affordable and smart way to reduce dental problems. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning and checkup.