Emergency Dentistry

At Smile Team Dental, we understand how frightening it can be to have a dental emergency. Whether trauma has seriously damaged a tooth or you are experiencing pain from a dental condition, seeking medical attention is crucial. We want you to call us first when you need urgent dental care. Our team will always do their best to find room in our schedule to see you the same day or as soon as possible to care for your dental emergency.

If you are in pain due to a dental issue, your first reaction may be to head to the emergency room. However, you may not be able to get the care you need. While physicians and nurses at the hospital can help with a broken arm or other medical emergencies, they are not equipped to handle dental problems. At Smile Team Dental, we have the right equipment and technology to handle almost any urgent dental issue right in our office.

Urgent Dental Care

Urgent dental problems can range from a severe toothache from an abscess or infection to a tooth knocked loose in an accident. Whatever the issue, Dr. Quigless and our caring team of professionals can quickly determine the problem and offer a repair solution. Even if we have a busy schedule, we will take the time to evaluate the issue and recommend treatment. We will make sure you or your family member is comfortable and relieve your pain until treatment can be performed. We will make sure to make it our top priority to resolve your dental emergency with the best care and treatments available.

If you have an urgent dental issue, finances should never stand in the way of getting the care you need. Smile Team Dental accepts most dental insurance plans and we have payment options available when you have an unexpected dental care need. Contact Smile Team Dental whenever you need emergency care to get the highest level of treatment in a caring, comfortable atmosphere.