Same Day Dentistry

There are times when you cannot wait days or weeks to get dental care you need. Whether it is a dental emergency or just an urgent issue that needs attention, call the accommodating professionals at Smile Team Dental. We do our best to meet our patient’s needs with same day dental appointments when they need urgent dental care.

If you are like most people, you have a full schedule of activities to balance. Work, school, social activities and family obligations leave little time to plan for your dental care. It is not always feasible to schedule a dental appointment for a few weeks down the road, yet you need to maintain your oral health. While it is recommended to make advance appointments whenever possible to ensure we can fit you into our schedule, we do have same day appointment slots available for emergencies and urgent care needs. Call us when you need to see us right away – we may have availability today or tomorrow.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

When you need dental care, do not hesitate to call our team for same day availability, especially if it is an emergency. If you are in pain, we will do our best to get you in right away to begin treatment. However, even if it is something cosmetic that you need fixed or a non-emergency, still give us a call. If we can fit you in today, we will. If today is not an option, we can get you in for our next available appointment in the next few days.

Our patients always come first, especially when they have an urgent dental need. When you need same day dental care, contact Smile Team Dental as soon as possible. We may be able to see you today!